Saving All the Parts

Saving All the Parts

Saving All the Parts, Reconciling Economics and the Endangered Species Act

By Rocky Barker
from Island Press 260 pages -Illustrations, figures, index ISBN:1-55963-201-1 Paperback: 17.95
Finalist Sigurd F. Olson Nature Writing Award 1994
Referenced in U.S. Appeals Court decision, used as text in colleges from Maine to Wisconsin, Tennessee and Idaho.
Saving All the Parts is a journalist's exploration of the intertwining of endangered species protection and the economic future of resource dependent communities with economies revolving around fishing, logging, ranching, mining and other resource intensive industries.

Barker discusses the specific situations of a number of endangered species, including the grizzly bear, the Pacific salmon, the peregrine falcon and the wolf. He examines the issues surrounding their status and the progress they've made toward recovery, as well as the complex interactions between species populations and human communities that have existed for generations.

The book analyzes trends in natural resource management, land use planning, and economic development that can lead to a future where economic activity can be sustained without the loss of essential natural values through incentives and respect for both natural and human communities.

What others write about Barker and Saving all the Parts

"Veteran reporter Rocky Barker masterfully chronicles the Pacific Northwest's bitter battles to save the endangered spotted owl, wild salmon, wolf and grizzly bear. Along the way he paints the emotional and physical landscape of one of the most beautiful and troubled regions of our country."
Ed Marston High Country News
"In both its scope and its journalistic quality this book transcends the limits of the form,"
T.H. Watkins Wilderness
"One of the finest environmental journalists west of the Tetons."
Diane Ronayne Idaho Wildlife
"Barker believes that his region's problems are soluable, indeed that it can become a model for bioregional ecosystem management on a grand scale."
Washington Post
"Saving All the Parts adds a cool-headed voice to the hot and often intemperate debate over endangered species."
Alston Chase, author Playing God in Yellowstone